Amazon Billing Alerts

Here are the steps to create Amazon Billing Alerts for your AWS account. This can help your organization's management to set a pre-set amount that Amazon resources should not exceed or will allow for estimate costs in ROI projects involving AWS. First an SNS topic needs to be created so once the billing alert surpasses the threshold that has been preset it will send out an email,text.. alert to the SNS topic of your choosing. First navigate to the SNS page once logged into your AWS account. Once there click on "Create New Topic"  on the dashboard as below.Give it a topic name and display name for management purposes.


Once the SNS topic has been created you will need to create a subscription to receive your alerts as below.As you can see you have options on the protocols you wish to use to receive your alerts depending on how your application or environment is configured. We will go with the most common one which is a plain e-mail alert.


Once the subscription has been created an email will be sent to this email address to confirm its validity and that you wish to receive notifications to this email address. This email address can be an email distribution list within your organization or a single user email address.Now the next step is to create the actual billing alert with the threshold value. Navigate to the CloudWatch tab in your AWS console. You will need to ensure that you enabled your account for Billing Alerts you can click on the below link on how to enable this for your AWS account.

Once you have clicked on the "Billing Alerts" in your CloudWatch console you can begin creating the alert specifics. Click on "Create Alarm" to begin the process of creating the alert. As can be seen below we have enabled notification for the SNS topic we created earlier and we can also setup a single alert for all the AWS Service total charges or it can be specific to a particular service being used.


We will go with the overall AWS Services Charges for this alert and have set the value at $3K and also have given a name for the alert so its identifiable.


The alert has now been set you will see "Insufficient Data" when the alert is first created but it will take a couple of minutes for the billing data to begin populating. Now your management and other interested parties will be able to receive these alerts and therefore project cost for present and future projects using the Amazon AWS services.